Studies in Wholeness: Exploring the Five Koshas

Wednesday 5- 6:30 pm MST

May 20, 27  & June 3,10, 17

This series is designed for the practitioner interested in inspiring new depth to their yoga practice through a poetic exploration of yoga philosophy and subtle-body anatomy.


The Koshas describe five progressively subtler, and expansive, bodies that compose our being as described in the Taittiriya Upanishad. These bodies delineate the subtle process by which energy progressively condenses to create a sort of map of our being.

Each week, we will begin class with an imagery filled teaching on one of the 5 Koshas and then move through a slow, fluid asana practice.


Through this series, we will use this map to inspire our practice and explore our inner landscapes.

To keep programming accessible, tuition is offered by a sliding scale. Choose your tuition based on what you afford.

Package for all 5 classes:

Supporter Rate (support others as well as yourself): $150

Sustainer Rate (pays for you): $111​

Community Rate (discounted): $50

Single Session Drop-Ins also available. To keep the work accessible, drop-ins are on a pay what you can model of $11-35 per class.



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