As the world around us rapidly changes it remains essential that we care for ourselves and one another. In this four-part series, you’ll learn the structure of the Quadritinity Model as one way to check-in and take care of yourself during these changing times.


According to Hoffman’s model, we have four quadrants: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual, each that contributes to certain parts of the human experience. How we nurture these different parts of ourselves can have a profound impact on our sense of purpose, belonging, and wholeness.


Take a four-week dive with us where you’ll co-create new practices for yourself to remember your wholeness.


Each week will include

  • teaching on one of the quadrants 

  • asana and meditation

  • community conversation & sharing

  • optional writing assignment for deeper self-inquiry

To register for this course email Britt at

Studies in Wholeness: Nourishing the Four Quadrants

Mondays 5-7 pm Live Stream Online

April 6,13,20, & 27

To keep programming accessible, tuition is offered by a sliding scale. Choose your tuition based on what you afford.

Supporter Rate (support others as well as yourself): $100-150
Sustainer Rate (pays for you): $75
Community Rate (discounted): $50

​In light of COVID-19 and the hit to the economy, please be in touch if none of these price points work for you. I am committed to you getting this work!



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